Country United Soccer Club has officially launched it’s Fast Fives Carnival scheduled for Saturday 22nd October to be held at their home grounds in Walkerston.
Carnival Invite and Rules available on their website – – look under “Events”.
This carnival is for Youth Mixed (U15/16), Colts Mixed (U17/18), Men’s (Over19), Women (Over19) and Over 35’s Mixed (Just that, you’ve got a few years on your side).
Each team play five games before going into a finals series.

Games are only 10 minute halves with no half time break, just change ends.

It is aimed to be fast paced.
Games are kept on time with their automated timer / siren, so the games just keep happening.

This is the first year for this carnival however it is based around their junior carnival that was held recently for the 31st time.

Get your nomination form and book your accommodation now, as we do not want to disappoint you as it has limited space.

Up to 175 games will be played on the day, 9 fields will be in action at any one time.
Novelty Golden Goal event to see who can score a goal while you wait for your next game.