Upgrading Trophy Cabinet

We are in the process of improving our shed to allow our current and future trophies are adequately stored for all to see.

If you are able to assist with cabinet making, please contact Terry Hayes cuscequip@gmail.com or 04 0953 8572 to discuss.

Currently we have a snake that likes to visit and play with our trophies. So our aim is to limit him / her from playing with them too much.

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Grants Funding

Recently the club received funding to repair damage to the fields due to the flooding in 2010.

Check out our information on the Qld Government website: http://qldreconstruction.org.au/joining-forces/ngo-details/220

Funding was through the Sports and Recreation Flood Fightback Plan – Infrastructure Program.

This work is another step towards improving the facilities that we share with Western Suburbs Rugby League club.

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Country United Preparing for 2012

Country United had a successful 2011 season with five teams in the senior competition qualifying for the finals. Our 3rdDivision Men’s team ended the season with the Minor Premiership and then went on to win the Grand Final, our 2ndDivision Men and 1stDivision Women made it to the semi-final round and our 2nd Division Women made it into the Grand Final. The Youth (U16-17) were Minor Premiers and made it to Grand Final day.

The club continues to build its junior base providing them with a pathway into the senior competition without having to leave their club. This year, several players achieved the MRFZ representative teams to complete in Townsville and Cairns. Each year several players also achieve selection into the Junior Players League which is a developmental program for those players who are able to dedicate additional time to the sport. The club is supportive of these programs as it welcomes these players back into teams once they are ready to return to club games.

County United Soccer Club recently received a grant from Sports and Recreational to repair damage to our home ground at Western Suburbs Rugby League Club at Walkerston following the rain last year. This work was carried out in conjunction with the Rugby League Club to achieve the best facilities in the area.

The club is currently recruiting players to allow it to field a Premier Men’s, Premier Women’s and 1stDivision Men’s teams in addition to its current teams for 2012 season. This is the result of previous years work from players and club management setting out a defined pathway for the club to grow, benefiting its members within the Pioneer Valley. All senior players enquiries to Maree 04 2759 1593 or cuscsreg@gmail.com. The club is grateful to all our current sponsors for the assistance they provide to the club each year. There are new opportunities for more sponsor for our premiers teams, all enquires to our new president Ken Griffin 04 2853 8729 or cuscpres@gmail.com

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Managers Information

Each year we rely on our parents to step forward and assist their childs team with managing or coaching their childs team.

We try an assist all parents with their roles. Attached are several sheets of information to assist the team managers / coaches.

The role of the coach in the younger ages is to guide the children to confidently control the ball.

The role of the manager is to assist the coach with substituting children on and off the field, advising parents any news, providing feedback to the club.

The role of the parent is to ensure their child attends training and games punctually, ensures their child behaves for the team and assists where possible.

The role of the child is to particiate in a friendly, courteous manner.

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A Message from the President

Welcome to all past, present and new players, coaches and parents for the 2010 season. Small sided games were played by the under 6 to under 9’s last year, with it continuing into the U10’s this year. A Senior Women’s team was reintroduced due to sufficient numbers. We hosted
six home games last year through our co-operation with Western Suburbs Leagues Club. This provided another avenue for fundraising for the club. This year we are hoping to run two fields for home games per night.

The shed provided an excellent central point for the storage of all the clubs gear and equipment. It allowed members to enjoy the year more by not having to cart equipment back to their residences on a weekly basis plus also after our carnival or home game. We just need to continually keep it tidy for all enjoy its benefits. We are working with Western Suburbs Leagues Club to improve the grounds in Walkerston for all those who may use the fields.

This year we are striving to provide a guideline for coaches to use to assist them training our children to a set guideline. This way as our children progress through the years they are continually developing / being exposed to new skills. We aim to assist coaches even though they may have never done coaching before.

As they progress through the age groups, new skills are introduced and developed allowing them to progress to FIFA standards without losing them to other sports. We want parents, children, players and spectators to enjoy a friendly atmosphere. We need to recognize past achievements of organizers and players as without both we would not have what the club has today.

This year we have a full compliment of committee members. I congratulate all past committee members for their assistance and welcome this years committee members. Remember, do not hesitate to offer assistance as I am sure we always have small tasks that need to be done. The club requires and encourages individuals to become involved to allow a prosperous year to come to fruitition.

I wish everyone all the best for the 2010 season.

Dean Ross
(President, Country United Soccer Club – 2010)

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Jason Dagan Memorial Shield – 2011

The Jason Dagan Memorial Shield is a special award within Country United that recognises a player not necessarily for their outstanding achievement but for their encouragement and devotion to the game of soccer. This award is normally given to a player in the highest grade senior team within Country United.

Jason was dedicated to the game of soccer and represented Mackay Soccer as a goalkeeper in the Under 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 Age Groups and traveled to locations such as Townsville, Cairns, Toowoomba and Gladstone.

But apart from these representative duties, Jason also gave back something to a game that had given him so much enjoyment – by coaching younger grade Country United teams and refereeing on Saturdays at Barbour Park.

This year there were a number of players from the Senior Men’s Team that displayed the same qualities as Jason Dagan – dedicated to the game of soccer and loyalty to the team, encouraged and supported their fellow players and assisted in the development of the Club’s younger players.

The 2011 recipient of the Jason Dagan Memorial Shield is Troy Paul.

Troy plays in the Senior Men’s 2nd Division team but also coaches an U12/13 junior team as well as the Colts team. Troy has also willingly helped out with our competitive grade selections and at home games. Troy has a great passion for the game and his club.

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Awards for Representative Duties – 2010

Under 12/13
Glen Vezzoli

Under 11
Zac Morrison, Nicholas Callaghan, Breyton Paul, Brandon Twomey,
Sam Morrison

Under 10
Fletcher Faulks, Connor Tolson, Brendan Badger, Campbell Hardwick

Refereeing Duties
Michael Volker

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