Welcome to all past, present and new players, coaches and parents for the 2010 season. Small sided games were played by the under 6 to under 9’s last year, with it continuing into the U10’s this year. A Senior Women’s team was reintroduced due to sufficient numbers. We hosted
six home games last year through our co-operation with Western Suburbs Leagues Club. This provided another avenue for fundraising for the club. This year we are hoping to run two fields for home games per night.

The shed provided an excellent central point for the storage of all the clubs gear and equipment. It allowed members to enjoy the year more by not having to cart equipment back to their residences on a weekly basis plus also after our carnival or home game. We just need to continually keep it tidy for all enjoy its benefits. We are working with Western Suburbs Leagues Club to improve the grounds in Walkerston for all those who may use the fields.

This year we are striving to provide a guideline for coaches to use to assist them training our children to a set guideline. This way as our children progress through the years they are continually developing / being exposed to new skills. We aim to assist coaches even though they may have never done coaching before.

As they progress through the age groups, new skills are introduced and developed allowing them to progress to FIFA standards without losing them to other sports. We want parents, children, players and spectators to enjoy a friendly atmosphere. We need to recognize past achievements of organizers and players as without both we would not have what the club has today.

This year we have a full compliment of committee members. I congratulate all past committee members for their assistance and welcome this years committee members. Remember, do not hesitate to offer assistance as I am sure we always have small tasks that need to be done. The club requires and encourages individuals to become involved to allow a prosperous year to come to fruitition.

I wish everyone all the best for the 2010 season.

Dean Ross
(President, Country United Soccer Club – 2010)