Hi to all,

MRFZ are starting to receive correspondence from parents within your clubs about the spectator fees.  Please see below an explanation as to how MRFZ arrived at the decision to charge gate fees.  Could this please be shared with your members.  We hope that this may assist with any questions you may have.


Melinda Griffin

Mackay & Regional Football Zone

Thank you for your feedback  on the decision by MRFZ to charge junior spectator fees.  Mackay & Regional Football Zone are a not-for-profit organisation with an elected volunteer committee who must make decisions to ensure that the organisation is making financially responsible decisions to ensure that continued enjoyment of football in our region.  It is with great disappointment that MRFZ had to make this decision but as was sent out in a memo to all clubs and communicated at meetings with clubs, we can no longer continue with the arrangements  for the grounds that we had at Barbour Park. It was hoped that clubs communicated the reasons behind the decisions to parents.

The Mackay Football Park is significantly larger in ground size than Barbour Park.  We were extremely fortunate that the President of Mackay & Regional Football Zone had been mowing and line marking Barbour Park for the past 10 years for the small sum of $150 per week when the job was really worth approximately $500 per week at least if not more.  The gentlemen did this plus a large amount of volunteering for the love of football especially the juniors which allowed MRFZ to maintain low registration whilst still maintaining the old grounds to a satisfactory level.    Due to the increased size of the new complex at Glenella and other circumstances, he can no longer continue with this volunteer/minimally paid role as groundsman.

Currently Mackay  & Regional Football Zones only reliable source of income in registration fees and although MRFZ did raise registration fees a small amount this year to assist in paying for the many costs that go with running the sport and new junior facilities, we were very mindful of the economic conditions in Mackay with jobs etc. and we want to keep kids playing football if we can.  The spectator fee of $2 is going directly into the playing fields which will need significant development over the next couple of years.  We will need a groundsman who can maintain the grounds regularly.

Senior clubs charge a fee of $5 to help pay for their ground maintenance whereby their juniors train at their grounds.  The club membership fees and senior gate fees must cover ground maintenance at clubs for juniors and seniors.  Similarly our registration or other sources of income must cover our grounds maintenance.  Sponsorship has been hard to obtain and we continue to work hard in this area as well as applying for many grants.  Any ‘profits’ the association make are put directly back into the development of the grounds.

Mackay & Regional Football Zone hopes that the above explanation satisfies your queries on the spectator fee.  If you have any other questions, please ask your club committee first as these discussions are held between Mackay & Regional Football Zone and the clubs on a regular basis.

Yours in football,

Melinda Griffin

Zone Secretary & Acting Treasurer

Mackay & Regional Football Zone Inc.