We need to be working together towards teaching our players to play a controlling game, not just trying to win premierships. This way enabling them to improve as individual players and their team game, thereby improving the player’s opportunities to develop into representative players.

To achieve this we need to develop a club approach to coaching, by working together with all the coaches to devise a plan regarding the type of game we want our kids to develop and play.

  • We should want our kids to play a controlling game where they hold the ball for prolonged periods during the game.
  • Teach them that passing the ball forward is not the only way to promote the ball to a better position.
  • Play a game with a reduced amount of long balls.
  • Keep the ball on the ground, as a ball in the air needs to be controlled before it can be worked or promoted.
  • Increase the amount of short passing to apply pressure.
  • Build pressure with ball control.
  • Move the ball with control from the back.
  • Work on a team approach.
  • Develop minimum standards of training for all coaches (grassroots).

Educate parents on what is acceptable encouragement from the sidelines.

Parents should only praise the players after they have done something, not encourage them to Kick / Pass / Give / Tackle / kick it out and the like as this reduces their ability to make the required decisions when under pressure.

Supportive comments include: good pass / good tackle / good decision / good support / good control.

Implementing a few of the changes as listed above will go a long way to improving our kids enjoyment in the game.

It takes just a few conscious decisions and a little self control to have a huge benefit.

Educating Our Referees.

This is an interactive website to allow you to improve your knowledge of the game –

This educational tool gives you interactive access to the Laws of the Game including videos, workbooks, exams, procedures, interpretations, additional information and details on how to become an officially accredited referee. Browse through the Laws of the Game immediately or you can register for a free account if you wish to complete the interactive workbook and receive your Laws of the Game Certificate. This is a free online training module which provides a basic introduction to the Laws of the Game and their interpretations. Successful candidates will receive a certificate identifying they have demonstrated awareness in the Laws of the Game, and have the necessary knowledge to act as a volunteer or club referee.